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Materials: Carbon Fiber vs. Aluminum


It is known that classic carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) materials offer very high performance when it comes to strength and stiffness-to-weight ratios. But what about 3D-printed CFRPs? KF decided to find out what that performance is like and how it stacks-up against a conventional build material like 6061-T6. Take a look at the Mechanical Properties page for more information.

Testing was performed by Cambridge Materials Testing Lab and Ryerson University.

Materials: Onyx VS ABS


How do KF's Onyx prints stack up against those using ABS, one of the most common 3D-printing materials? The results are in and can be seen on the Mechanical Properties page. This set of test data concludes the current phase of materials testing using simple Onyx prints and opens a new chapter of testing - the evaluation of fiber-reinforced prints. 

Thank you to Cambridge Materials Testing lab for supporting us in this endeavor. 

Fastener Torque Spec: Done!


It was a busy holiday season, but it resulted in a completed fastener torque document. This document outlines imperial fastener torques and details three ways to implement threaded features in a 3D-printed part: threads cut directly into an Onyx part, heatset brass inserts, and embedded hexagonal nuts. This document is available to partners who are developing products with KF. 

See more details on the Mechanical Properties page. 

KF-Sponsored UoW Team Success


Every year University of Waterloo's engineering students get together into teams, and put their skills to the test for the Engineering Design Workshop class. One such team approached KF for fabrication support of a hydrofoil for a remotely operated submarine, as they were having performance issues with parts made using a printer available to the team. Although it was a time-critical job, and had to be completed over the weekend and hand-delivered to the team, it was well worth the effort! 

The team's design and final product were of high quality, and earned a big thumbs-up from the staff. In the words of Maciej P., one of the team members: "The instructors personally told us that the quality of our design surpassed their expectations, featuring our design on the WATiMake (the workshop in which the project was majorly held) facebook page".


Fastener Torque Specs: Phase 1 Complete!


Is it possible to thread into a printed part directly? Is this type of cut thread strong enough, and can it stand up to multiple torque applications? We printed 121 test plaques and then drilled, threaded, and stripped 2,420 holes to find out! See more details on our Mechanical Properties & Design page.

Now that KF’s “Onyx Thread” torque specifications have been established, it’s time to start on Phase 2: heat-set brass inserts.

"Kraken KZ" R&D Project


KF is thrilled to be starting a long-term internal R&D project: a rebuild, and partial redesign, of an old motorcycle! The bike is a 1982 Kawasaki KZ750-E and was donated by friends at www.motor-bike.ca. The idea behind the project is to rebuild and modernize this machine through custom design, conventional manufacturing, and 3D printing. Some parts will be prototyped prior to being machined out of aluminum. Some (like bodywork pieces) will be printed using Onyx and then painted, and others (like brackets, levers, etc.) will be reinforced with carbon fiber and used as finished components. This KZ750-E will become a test bed for long-term printed part evaluation.

How can you keep an eye on the progress? Printed items can be viewed on the Projects page of this site, and the entire build will be posted on www.instagram.com/kraken_kz750 We hope you’ll join us on our journey of design and manufacturing!

Customer Feedback


Maciej P., UoW


Kraken Fabrication definitely surpassed our expectations with the product they delivered. As part of a third year mechanical engineering course, we were tasked to design an underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV). Focusing on efficient maneuverability, we came up with a hydrodynamic design in CAD in hopes of 3D printing the final skin of the ROV. When the local 3D printer that we had access to was not able to print off the design, we contacted Kraken Fabrication. Being quite restricted on time, they started our print immediately, in addition to offering a student discount. When the print was finished, they personally delivered the printed product even though we were located in a different city. The customer service was absolutely outstanding too; for each email sent, a response was received in a matter of minutes. Their website also offers a lot of information about the material properties of their filaments I would definitely recommend Kraken Fabrication to anyone searching for 3D printing services. The pictures attached display our final project printed in 3 separate pieces, two of which were permanently glued together (printed separately due to printing size restrictions) and two which offered a parting section where the internal electronics were accessible. 

Brandon P., UoG


Kraken Fabrications is an insightful, passionate and extremely dedicated manufacturing company focused on providing fast and reliable 3D-printing. While other companies require a wait time, Kraken Fabrications were able to supply myself with various prints as soon as I needed them. They even went out of their way to personally deliver the parts in a different city. Their knowledge behind 3D printing parameters is outstanding and were willing to aid me in choosing the most appropriate settings for my prototype components. I highly recommend sourcing end-use components and functional prototypes from Kraken Fabrications - as this is how a company should work!